Love’s Gastric Connection

She loved him too much – she used to wait for him to come home everyday, patiently watching the door, never losing hope even when he turned up late, or sometimes, never at all. She didn’t say anything even when she could smell the perfume and see the stains of lipstick on his shirts. SheContinue reading “Love’s Gastric Connection”

Too much too late…

I woke up at nine in the morning today after three hours’ sleep and thought to myself, “I need an alarm clock!” My sleep patterns have gone haywire ever since I knew that I was homeward bound in a week’s time. I stay awake most of the day watching Remington Steele and The Simpsons andContinue reading “Too much too late…”


We all are sick of getting spammed daily! My spam folder can be used as a stopwatch, it’s that quick! Offers of car loans, work-from-home emails, I’ll-buy-your-house emails and phony credit card are the usual suspects! I don’t really browse through all the junk in my spam, but occasionally, something comes up that is tooContinue reading “Spam!”

The Online Predator…

I have a profile on Orkut, MySpace and Facebook, though I hardly use the latter two at all. Social networking is a good thing, from my point of view, and I’ve found some real nice friends through them. Recently, I read a blog on wordpress (I won’t mention the name because I’m going to slanderContinue reading “The Online Predator…”