Have You Seen This Girl??

Ok people! Help needed!! Look at the above photo carefully! Have you seen this girl anywhere? Do you know anyone who might have seen this girl anywhere? Ok, before you panic, I’ll tell you why I need to know.

This past Friday, May 23rd, 2008, there was an office party, and all 30 of us had gone to this pub called Stones to get sloshed. Since a colleague of mine called Mitesh was paying, I decided to bleed him dry and get royally drunk! 😀

Stones serves only beer, and so, I knew that to get drunk, I had to drink like a mad man! After 15 mugs of beer, I felt a calm, comfortable numbness creep over me, and I started smiling broadly and talking loud nonsense. People next to me wanted to have a bit of fun at my expense and challenged me to to chat up three pretty girls sitting at the next table. My beer-induced bravery reigned over common sense and I walked up to those three girls and offered them a round of drinks and invited them to join our party. They very politely declined, and after a few more unsuccessful attempts on my part, I gave up and walked back to my seat amidst boos from the challengers.

Now, ten minutes later, the waiter plonked a mug of beer in front of me and said that it was from the girls from the next table!!! 😀

I was taken aback, and a little flustered and to a greater extent, flattered. i walked over to the girls and said, “This is the sweetest beer I’ve tasted all night! Thanks!”

They said that they were returning the favor for my offer. So, in return, I found out what their favorite artist was. It was Doors, so I walked over to the DJ  and forced him to play a Doors’ song. The pretty girls left after the song, and I frankly forgot all about this incident as I somehow managed to get back home late at night and sleep till almost noon the next day.

Slowly and steadily, as I remembered the events, I have become more and more determined to find out who the three pretty girls are. Among all the photos that we took that night, in one corner of one frame, I found one of the pretty girls. The picture above is her! 😀

So, please pass this post on to everyone you know and let me know if you have any idea who this girl is! I vaguely remember telling them that I blog at MirrorCracked, and if any of the three pretty girls are reading this, I want to thank you in person!! I am a decent guy, don’t worry! 😀

Venue: Stones, Bangalore, India.

Time: Friday, after 8.30 pm, May 23, 2008.

Please let me know!!! Oh, I looked like this that night, by the way! 😀

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

34 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Girl??

  1. if any of the pretty girls are reading this,i suggest you send his something he might never forget(guess you girls love slippers,because no has hit him till now ) …maybe you should break a beer bottle on his head?

  2. Ummm..Errr…not to hurt your sentiments but the photo is bad..the moment I mean..And is she looking at ur group?? 😉 Hope the girl doesnt sue you for posting her snap on internet!! All the best for search and giving “personal thanks” 😀

    P.S. added your blog to my blogroll

  3. @vishesh
    hahaha!! why are people trying to harm me?? 😀

    Thanks! I’ll add you too… 🙂
    And the pic is bad, i agree, because it was taken by accident… This is just the small part of a bigger picture, and its only by chance that she’s been captured in the frame… So, I blew that portion up and posted it…
    And why would she sue me?? This is such a romantic gesture… 😀

    hehehe… as i said, i think this is a very romantic gesture… if I were the girl, i’d be very happy to meet me!! 😀

  4. You never know…..the girl may be paranoid about Internet or maybe one of those feminists who get angry if someone holds a door open for them though its a very gentlemanly gesture 😀

  5. @Reema
    If she is, then I am really not looking forward to meeting her! 😀
    But, at least, if I find her, then my faith in the internet will increase! hehehe…

  6. Stones huh!
    couple of hundred mtrs from my office! 🙂
    honestly, i didn’t like the place… and the girl in pic doesn’t look all that pretty either 😀 😛
    i think you thought she’s pretty coz you were drunk 😛

  7. Sounds like a bit of harmless fun, what happened at the pub I mean. But Nikhil you are invading her privacy by posting her photo on the net and I too hope she doesn’t object. Even if she doesn’t object, the fact that you did it without asking her will probably make you unpopular with her. Sorry to throw cold water over your idea to locate her, but if you do locate her your faith in the internet might increase but I don’t want to talk about her faith in you!

  8. Yes Nikhil, you are gone now man!! I am sure she will hit you with some really hard object (hopefully instead of sue you) 😀
    And seriously, is she is like Reema described then I have my greatest sympathy with you.

    But is she is like you (mad) then I have my greatestest jealousy feeling for you 😛

  9. I guess u r inviting unnecessary trouble by posting her pic 🙂 . This is my advice for u, “Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise”. – Author Unknown.

  10. @Sandeep
    Duh! Obviously man! And I think I was drunk when I posted this.. I don’t remember.. Stones is close to your office, huh? Same here.. I work on Indiranagar 100 ft road! You? Wanna meet up someday? 😀

    Hmmm… I don’t know! If she’s an avid reader of Romance novels, I think she’ll like me! 😀
    If not, God help me!! hehe… I can always fall back on an excuse that I was drunk and I didn’t know what I was doing! 😀

    hahaha!! If things work out and I’m still alive, I’ll treat u! 😀
    Pray for me!

    Wise saying, but the guy who said it wasn’t as drunk as I was.. If he was, then he’d understand!

  11. @ Vishesh : “maybe you should break a beer bottle on his head?”

    Buhahaha !! Yeah, Good one !! 😀

    @ Nikhil : What Reema has said is true. The pic does look bad 😐

    @ Sandeep : Hahahahahahahahhahah. Awesome.

    @ Nikhil : Were you still drunk when you posted this ??
    Ah, by the way, commenting on the comments is really fun ! 😛

  12. Nikhil, why dont you call the Hardy Boys to investigate the case of Three Pretty Girls?
    They helped you, didnt they with The Case Of Disappearing Currency?


    Seriously da!
    The things that you do!!

  13. Hey, DID you not ask them their names when you spoke to them????

    If you know their names, look for them on orkut! Almost everyone s on orkut nowadays na? Or facebook.

  14. Hey,
    have u decided u frighten away all ur readers posting pics like this :D.even if the girl is nt pretty enough, she is polite :d
    Well,i was thinking what all are happening in ur life every week to make onepost :P..seriously r u living in this world 🙂

  15. @Priya
    Hehehe… yeah commenting on comments does seem like fun! 😀
    And I don’t remember, I think I was high when I posted this!! becasue this is not something that I normally do! 😀

    And I look like WHAAAAAAAAAT…????? Oh my god!! I am so embarrassed!!! hehehe….

    Damn! I am getting onlt brick-bats for this post!! hehehe… I need to re-consult my love guru… 😀

    hahaha!! The hardy boys weren’t much help then… they just spend my money and booze! 😀
    Yeah, what can I do? My life has become so eventful! 😀

  16. @Pooja
    I did ask their names!! You really think I’d remember them?? hahaha… I was so drunk I don’t even remember how I got back home!! 😀

    I AM NOT a stalker!!! pleeese!! I thought this was supposed to be a romantic gesture!! lol…

    Me too!! I am social nerd too!! Not a stalker!!! 😦

  17. @Allirekha
    hehehe… Yeah, the fact that I am still alive and not in jail suggests that she’s polite enough to forgive me!! And I don’t know! I seriously have doubts about which parallel universe I am living in!! 😀

    Oh cool, man! That’s so close to my office!!
    Bangalore Bloggers’ Meet..!!! yay..!!! I’m game… When do u wanna meet to discuss this?? 🙂

  18. OMG 15 mugs of beer and u still remember the incident 😛
    nope i havn’t seen..
    i hope sincerely that she is pretty unlike the pic…there’s no sign of prettiness in the pic 😀
    all the best … 😉

  19. What were you trying to do with open hands posing? your pic clearly shows 15 mugs of beer occupied all over you 🙂

  20. so got any luck, did u find anyone, She doesnt seem that pretty! so think its ur good luck, if u still didnt find them n jus drop that idea n more over posting someone’s pic u don know doesn’t seem a good idea of fun,
    anyways Good lcuk dude!!!!

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