Umbrella Fella :)

Almost Similar To Mine! 🙂

It’s been raining cats and dogs in Bangalore for the past few weeks. Every day, like clockwork, the rain starts at around 5 in the evening and goes on till almost 10 in the night. This has forced me to avoid stepping out of the house/office, wherever I am, during this time period. Yesterday was an exception. 😀

A close friend had come down from Delhi and he was staying over at my place. Around four in the evening, we decided to get out of the house (Oh, I had taken a day off from work) and go window shopping on MG Road and Brigade Road. And as soon as we got ready to leave the house, God decided to water His plants. 😀

The rain did not stop for an hour, and around 5, when it subsided a bit, we realized that it would be utter stupidity to go on my ridiculously unreliable bike and settled on an auto. I grabbed the only umbrella in the house – an ancient monstrosity that can shield an entire football team when opened – and stepped out to hail the auto. We stepped out to bright sunshine and birds chirping. We looked at each other and contemplated the bike again, but decided against it as I had the feeling that God wanted to play with His favorite yo-yo. 😀

We got the auto and managed to squeeze in along with the huge umbrella and reached MG Road at around 6 in the evening. We walked around looking at expensive things and dreaming of being able to afford them. All the while, I looked like a clown straight out of a traveling circus, carrying the umbrella around. I felt so embarrassed when a couple of young kids started walking behind me making whooping noises. 😀

Masala Dosa! 🙂

Answering the call of hunger, we both entered a small wayside restaurant for some hot masala dosa and ate to our hearts’ content. It was a standing restaurant, and a very cramped one at that, and apparently quite famous, because the crowd was suffocatingly large. The steams from the tiny kitchen and the overpowering aroma of the food played contrasting tricks on my brain.

Finally, we emerged out of the restaurant and walked the entire length of Brigade Road, admiring the sights and sounds of the city’s most happening road. We watched as cops pulled people off their bikes for not riding with a helmet and we watched a ten-year-old kid buying cigarettes on the street. We saw the colorful advert hoardings screaming out silently for attention. We saw…

Oh shit, I had forgotten my umbrella in the tiny hotel! 😀

We ran back all the way and finally reached the hotel and I pushed my way through the hungry mob and those eating food, knocking over a freshly-made plate of dosas and reached the corner where I had stood. And there it was, nestled safely in the corner, just where I had kept it, standing as if there was nothing that could affect it. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and picked it up and caressed it and apologized to the umbrella for forgetting it. It forgave me! 😀

Images Courtesy: and Woodland USA

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

48 thoughts on “Umbrella Fella :)

  1. @Balu
    Hehehe… I think it could! 😀

    I was hoping that no one would! 😀
    But if someone did steal it, then I’d want to meet that great person and shake his/her hand! 😀

  2. hey thats a good Umbrella. I liked it because nearly every *typical* umbrella fails in protecting me from rain. 😀
    Glad you got it back 🙂 😛

  3. “We got the auto and managed to squeeze in along with the huge umbrella”

    Were u sitting inside the auto with ur umbrella open??? I dont think any closed umbrella will take so much space. So u r also talking to non living things??? effect of company I guess 😉

  4. For a moment I thought the photo was from Bangalore. The streets were too clean and crowded with just 1 person! Masala dosa looks yum, was this another Sagar style hotel? Nice sneaking in of the Cops and the Kids with Cigarettes.

  5. “ridiculously unreliable” bike …I believe u have a helmet and also a PC in a similar way….hmmm…again, sentiments, huh? 😀

    “I looked like a clown straight out of a traveling circus….. young kids started walking behind me making whooping noises ” Damn, I missed that scene !!! 😀

  6. Freaky coincidence.

    Yesterday even I had forgotten my umbrella at the Railway station. Mine however was a pretty one 🙂

    Luckily we had called a colleague of mine who was catching the next train and the way I had placed it (hanging behind a bench) nobody had picked so she collected the same for me 🙂

    (Being me I had already started dreaming of buying a new umbrella :D)

    It is an all together different matter that the girl has been calling me to collect it from her and I keep forgetting 😀

  7. hey i have a similar huge umbrella somewhere in my house …
    ppl look with weird expressions ..
    so i stopped using it 😛

    I thought some girl would come and ask for a shade but that never threw it somewhere 😀

  8. I love B’lore rains. I love Masala Dosa. I love walking that stretch of Brigade road. However, I prefer walking in rain without Umbrella. Na rahega aur na bhuloge. Though glad you got your monster.

  9. You forgot Umbrella in a Hotel, you should thank god Police didn’t come up with its K-9s sniffing a bomb in that ‘lavaris vastu’. 🙂

    @Suda: You should go for those big ‘Pepsi-Coke’ wallah table umbrellas(the one at open food joints and dhabas), may be they will protect you good. :mrgreen:

  10. God’s yo-yo in trouble again !!

    But this time, he saved u from rain and brought back ur umbrella .. I thikn ur stars are changing and they hv started shinning !!

  11. Dude, one correction please! That umbrella cannot fit any football team. It has to be a lithe, gay football team!

    Besides, did you notice that the second picture actually makes a sorry face at you? Maybe nobody would!

  12. Yu forgot such a huuuuuuuge umbrella in a little hotel?
    And yey! yu talked tu the umbrella…
    and i also take it that it did not rain at all as long as th umbrella was with yu 😀 😀 😀 yu are God’s yo-yo indeed, no doubt ! 😉

  13. It amazing how you turn everyday instances into stories. Is that your umbrella in the picture?

    That is some huge stuff!

  14. Ohh…cute stuff again!That fresh evening in the pic above,and then followed by masala dosa pic… 😛 😛
    making me feel hungry 😀 !
    BTW,how did you communicate with the umbrella??

  15. I can relate a lot to talking to inanimate things. I have spoken to my PC (I guess almost all of us do; esp when programming and errors are spewed out 😉 ), my bike,…but never to an umbrella. Oh yeah! I don’t like umbrellas. I love the rain and getting wet in it (I hate it when I have to look presentable at the end of the journey though 😦 )
    And as Reema says, did u get into the auto with an open umbrella? Even a huge one, closed will not occupy too much space.
    The thought of having yummy hot food in the rain sounds delicious. Kid buying cigarettes, really?!?

  16. I am learning on how to make a blog on small instances of life so interesting as well as with a message…apologize for a smallest mistake to everybody even to non-living things !!!

  17. Dude. Believe me when I say your umbrella is better than mine. At least yours is not light blue in colour with Mickey-Mouse drawings on it. 😀

  18. @Reema
    LOL… Use your imagination! Don’t be so practical in life!!

    Hehehe… Welcome to MirrorCracked!
    I was banking on that!

    hehe.. Thanks! 🙂

    Yes, my PC and my helmet belong to the same category! And well, if you meet me sometime, beware… Strange things happen around me!

    I hereby christen you my female counterpart! You’re well and truly God Yo-Yo! I am going to write a post for you, awarding you this title!

    LOL… You can’t stand with a huge umbrella in the street and expect girls to come… They’ll laugh at you…!!

    Hehehe… I guess its the picture!

    Yes! I love them all too!

    Hehehe… Yeah, now that you mention it, I’m so frikkin glad!

    Don’t be fooled… It’s the lull before the storm!

    @Kris Bass
    LOL… Ok, I don’t think anyone else got that joke!

    Yeah… They have a term for this in Kannada… “Sahavasa Dosha”… It means bad company!


    Welcome to MirrorCracked!
    No, the umbrella in the picture is similar to mine! And “Po”…?? Seriously??

    Years and years of practice in dealing with dumb people!

    I don’t like getting drenched in rain unless its on my terrace and I’m in my vests and briefs…
    And yes… kids were buying ciggies! 😦

    Hmmm… I could help you with that… It’s pretty much what I do!

    Mickey Mouse??? Really???? Lemme guess, you’re single, right?

  19. :))

    Reading this reminded me of “the Umbrella Man” Iread when I was in class 9 CBSE board… but he was a con… 😉

  20. heee…. hee…. heee…. So God’s favourtite yo-yo had almost lost his favourite (!) monster! BTw is the photo really of bangalore? I do not remember MG road to be this clean, empty and great!!! 😛 😛

  21. Nikhil, now come on man!! How can you tell Reema not to be *so practical* in life? 😀 😀 Thats her identity!! If she stops being practical, well, world will end next moment. 😛

    Coool advice, will use next time when I will visit a beach (with my own umbrella) 😀

  22. @ Nikhil:

    Re your response to ‘Po’ (which I do know means ‘go’ imperative in Tamil) haven’t you heard of Po Bronson? The guy who wrote a famous dot-com book Nudist On The Late Shift? It is a hilarious book, just the kind you might like…

  23. @Chakoli
    Heyyyyyy… I’ve read that!! 😀
    Brilliant story! “I bet he prays like hell for a rainy day!” 😀

    LOL.. this isn’t MG Road’s pic… It’s not even India.. the umbrella in the pic is similar to mine, that’s all! 😀

    Ah, yes… Didn’t consider the consequences… 😀


    I was in a rather hilarious mood when I wrote that..!! And no, I am not aware of Po Bronson… Now I am! Thanks! 😀
    I’ll see if I can get the book… 🙂

  24. hehehe Thank you 🙂

    Though am proudly accepting the title but am sure I would be every now n then asking God why me….

    But then I believe whats life without some spice 😉

  25. @Suda Someone needs to be practical in the blogosphere when there are crazy people like u and Nikhil as bloggers.

    @Sandeep Ahhh atlast someone of my wavelength. 🙂

  26. brought back some nostalgia about bangalore. how i miss those dosas! and the filter coffee. here one has to hunt for the same kind of flavour but rarely does on get it.

  27. rofl!!. . Good one.. A friend of mine also has one of those ancient – ‘deserve a place in museum’ umbrella’s. ..

  28. @ NIkhil:

    Usha ( recently wrote a funny post on umbrellas too. She is also a Bangalore blogger. Look her blog up. Her style of writing will appeal to you.

  29. @Smita
    The million-dollar-question! 😀
    Oh, btw, the post about you is getting drafted… 😀

    Hmmm… 😀

    I love that name!!! 😀

    Oh yeah! Fresh filter coffee was something I missed in NY so much!! 😀

    LOL… They’re great conversation starters! 😀

    LOL… Thanks! 😀

    Thanks! I’ll check out the blog! 🙂

    Hehehehe!!! You really thought MG Road would be so clean and devoid of people!!? 😀

    Hehehe! I dunno! It’s always been there at home! 😀

  30. yeah Yummy Dosas!!!
    and Tht was a good one, even once i happened to knock over a plate in a restaurant

    and honestly! did u think someone would take a risk of flicking taht picnic umbrella of yours???

    Too much hopes NIkhil..

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