Walls Of Love

resilienceRight. So, the retards decide to throw a whole country in disarray and kill people indiscriminately. They enter a crowded city like Mumbai and take control of a few places, take hostages, shoot into the crowd, killing innocent people, lob hand grenades into crowds and hotel rooms and feel all macho because they feel like God.

What the retards don’t know and probably didn’t even realize that a country like India hasn’t survived for so long through luck – the people here are immensely strong and we can withstand anything dished out to us.

It’s sad that we’ve been on the wrong end of the gun for a while now, with these retards resorting to bombs in different cities and now, guns and grenades, but what is still unshakeable is our faith in a terror-free world.

My heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this retarded attack in Mumbai. Life has been thrown out of gear throughout the country, with everyone with access to a TV, radio or internet logged on to breaking news at this hour. Every single citizen of the country is praying that madness gets over before there’s any more loss of life. [Those who do not have access to a TV can go to this site for live streaming news.]

You fucking retards – you think your bullets and bombs and hatred can affect us? You think you can scare us into hiding? You really believe that you can even being to understand the meaning of ‘Love’ and “Unity’ and ‘Strength’ and “Solidarity’? The only difference between these so-called terrorists and retards in a mental asylum is the wall separating them. We build our walls from love, not stones.

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

28 thoughts on “Walls Of Love

  1. Hmmm…if there was so much solidarity and unity, there would be no terrorists. These have come from within the people of India…the disgruntled, misdirected, brainwashed, resentful lot. If only our leaders were united at such an hour of crisis..but alas! we are the victims of our own diversity.

  2. It is easy to be cynical and pass blame from one to another. What you have written does sound right to me. I don’t care where these (to quote you) retards come from – they are retards. period. We must and will withstand these attacks(and hopefully not any more).Salute to all the officers who braved the attacks and gave up their lives. Condolences to all the bereaved families. Hope those injured come out of it and recover quickly.

  3. Retards, all of them . . Like manushi said I wish I could shoot down each and every one of them too. . . .And its high time the government improves our intelligence and security. . .

  4. Well, what you say is what almost every educated person would think with a few variations. The police asked the retards what do they want – no reply! Their aim was to spread terror and wreck havoc. They seem to have succeeded at this. True, that the common person will go back to their normal life the day this is over (or even while it is going on), but the definition of what is considered “normal” has been changed with time. When 200+ people were killed in serial train blasts, the trains of Bombay were crowded the next day. Partly to show resilience, but mostly because people didnt have a choice. Even if half the city is blown up, the other half will continue to function, after watching some news, getting updates and calling loved ones to make sure they are safe. Their life will resume in as “normal” a way as humanly possible. A friend of a friend narrowly missed a bullet at VT station. He got to see his family for a day, but the person standing next to him was not so lucky – the bullet found him! Even that person will resume his “normal” life the next day. But how normal will it really be? Will this stop? What is the solution? Is there really one?

  5. The type of intellect that goes into all these terror attacks, if converted into discovering something of use… the world would probably get a huge lift!
    Fucking terrorists! They’d have to hunted down and shot…
    Each one of ’em….

  6. The retards if caught should be hanged in public and shot. Just like Taliban used to do. Now that there is no cricket match, they could even use the cricket stadium for the same.

  7. one thing is tht we are brave… but we’ve to accept there is some unknown big flaw in the plan… only if we get to know what is it tht these retards are using as a foundation for their attacks, can we be assured of rooting them away!

  8. You said it, man! Don’t want to sound mean but these guys should be skinned alive before they are sent packing to the lake of fire.

  9. […]In the wake of the impudent run of terror attacks across South Mumbai, I believe there are certain eye openers in the context of the unity of the country when an attack of such proportion takes place.[…]

  10. I totally detests these mofos…and we should be united enough to come back with a bang and not let our country suffer…this is the time when all of us should stand united and prove that we are the same Indians who have fought bravely in the past and have come out as winners…

    i wish there was a better solution…I wish my beloved city would be the same someday…



  11. Retards is too mild a word Nikhil. These people are crazy. And we have been affected. Shaken. It’s like our soul is being ripped out. Hope this will pass.

  12. Those retards can attack because we sleep with our doors open.Our authorities are equally to be blamed. Last year IBN live revisited the route which was used by the terrorists in the 1992 bomb blasts with some boxes. Surprisingly nobody checked them while they brought the boxes in Mumbai through the sea route. The programme was aired many times on the channel. Didn’t make a difference. We have been caught napping.

  13. Are we brave or just have learned to live with our lives the way we are living!! 😦 anybody can come, kill our spirit, show us a finger and goes off… another bunch comes and we lie down taking all the abuses… trying to show that we are brave! 😦

  14. We build our walls from love, not stones.
    That was a very phrase that sums up wht we are!!!!

    Hope this is the last of its kind…

  15. The Terrorists are %^$# %$^#%&Y $U*%&*I% %#%^ #$^#^#%^ #%^Y# %^ #%^#%^$# $^&$^&$ ^&$^&Y#%&#%^ #%Y#%& %&Y$E%^$%^^#^$%&$*(^*%?”:^&$%^#$^ #^#^ #%^#%^ # !!!!!!!!!

  16. There isn’t a better word to describe the ‘retards’. I hope that the walls will find a way of protecting our people.

  17. Atleast we can pity the mental retards within the walls…These retards deserve nothing!
    It is interesting to note the role of politics and media involved in pointing fingers. One such view is from the Pakistan media blaming the entire terrorist attack as a “drama” staged by the Indian Government!! What more?! They even term the 9/11 as a “act”.
    Interesting link

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