Where Am I These Days??

Every second, half a child is born in the world. Er, I mean, a child is born into the world every two seconds. This statistic cannot be trusted, but I swear it seems true. I’ve just been seeing a lot of babies lately. Friend’s nephew, nephew’s kid, kid’s little sister, and so on. Sometimes, IContinue reading “Where Am I These Days??”

Five Questions And A Domain

A week ago, after a heavy meal, I was sitting on the pot and contemplating the evolution of snowmen, when I had a thought – I decided to take the plunge and get my own domain. With Joel guiding me every step of the way, literally telling me where to click and what to type,Continue reading “Five Questions And A Domain”

Really? You Sure?

“Man, your posts are boring nowadays…” “They have lost the quality…” “Who are you and what have you done with Nikhil?” “Makes me wonder why I’m reading it after 2 lines…” “Your blog has become so boring, dude!” “You have lost that touch…” “Why aren’t you writing like how you did before?” “You are notContinue reading “Really? You Sure?”

The Voyeur Next Door!

In a nutshell, the 40-year-old woman next door saw me naked this morning. It all happened so fast that it took a good two hours for it to sink in. I had my bath, wrapped a towel round my waist and came into my room, switched on the fan, stood under it and whipped theContinue reading “The Voyeur Next Door!”