What’s Gotten Me So Excited?

calvin-naked1For the past three days, I’ve been running around town butt-nakedΒ  screaming “Eureka” on top of my voice. I’ve been jumping up and down screaming nonsense and thumping everyone I meet on their backs. I’ve been gazing up at the stars and smiling broadly to myself, oblivious to the stares and sniggers and calls of “Loony” and content with myself and my nudity life. I’ve been on top of the world. I’m on cloud number nine and I want to go higher. And I wasn’t even drunk.

So, what’s gotten me into this phase? Could it be a promotion? Could it be a pay-hike? Could it be that I met the girl of my dreams? Could it be that I’ve finally realized how stifling clothes are? Could it be that I’m finally run out of sanity? No. I think it’s something else.

A decision that’s been weighing on me for the longest time; a decision that was bound to break barriers and make some noise; a decision that promises to put my whole life into upheaval and turmoil for a long time; a move that could make or break me; a move that would define who I am and what I’m made of; a decision that should be made once in a lifetime. I took that decision.

I’ll reveal what that is a bit later. Right now, I’m busy running around naked.

Published by Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar lives in Bangalore with his wife and their stuffed dog. They are both advertising professionals and lead very exciting lives on the streets, dodging traffic. Their fridge is filled with cans of Diet Coke and their water heater doesn't work. He doesn't smoke (up) anymore.

33 thoughts on “What’s Gotten Me So Excited?

  1. Seems you have finally have got into a state of self enlightenment. Good.
    You quiting job?
    Starting a startup??
    Answer, I hope will be exciting… πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, I know it.. I know it for sure…. I knew it coming anytime, just that it’s coming now…. cool.. tell all..

  3. what what..? i am all ears… πŸ™‚

    i know you must have got the answers to the riddles you had put last week… πŸ˜‰

    all the best for whatever it is..

  4. …and i already know what’s your game plan…!!! i am glad for what you are doing… cuz i know you will be the best… πŸ˜€

  5. I know! I know! Good Luck. It’s you, for God’s sake! You’ll be a winner! πŸ˜€

    ROFL at nautankey’s comment!!!

  6. You are going to start growing a moustache?

    put up a shirt waali foto so that ppl on ure gtalk can draw the courage to look at their gtalk window again?

  7. Some sort of self discovery eh. Maybe you realised that you should not be in PR? I mean, that you should be a full time blogger? πŸ˜€

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