Moving Day! Finally!

Phew. I have been living in a godforsaken limbo the past three weeks. I had little or no time for myself, let alone my friends, foes and hoes. Er, scratch the last one. I have been constantly on the road (in the air, more likely) to Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and God-knows-where, but finally, when IContinue reading “Moving Day! Finally!”

What The Fish?

Have you ever heard people saying the word ‘Fish’ instead of ‘Fuck’ in a sentence? I’ll explain exactly how annoying that is. I dropped a piece of pie on someone’s carpet the other night and the woman said, “Oh, Fish!” I looked at her strangely and said, “No, ma’am. I’m Nikhil.” It was her turnContinue reading “What The Fish?”

How I Met Your Mother

The year 2030: Kids, have I ever told you the story of how I met your mother? No? Well, sit down, shut up and listen to this story. No, you can’t go to pee now. This story’s important. Listen up. The year 2010: There I was, sitting in the small, cubbyhole office of a PRContinue reading “How I Met Your Mother”

The Yamaha Enema

Take my advice – if you have to travel for more than 3 miles inside the city of Bangalore, do not – I repeat – do not ride pillion on a Yamaha bike. Its been three hours since I’ve gotten off the bike after a 15-mile ride and I’m still walking slowly with my legsContinue reading “The Yamaha Enema”