Who Ate My Onions?

With the onion prices in India touching the lower levels of the atmosphere and aiming to break the planet’s escape velocity, its only fair that people resort to innovative methods of making money. This will follow the typical Darwinian principle of strong-eat-weak and rich-screw-over-poor. Come to think of it, I think Darwin deserves a NobelContinue reading “Who Ate My Onions?”

Buses, Bloggers, Booze, Biryani, Bangalore Mirror…

…or anything else that matter, I had an awesome weekend to say the least. I reached Chennai Saturday morning after a particularly disconcerting bus ride. The bus was supposed to be a “special” bus from KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) and the fare was 800 instead of the usual 500. It was supposed toContinue reading “Buses, Bloggers, Booze, Biryani, Bangalore Mirror…”

The Dummy’s Guide To Pissing People Off!

Of course! It has to be true! Damn right! You need to piss people off all the time! It’s much like the song ‘Iris’ by Goo Goo Dolls, where he croons, “…yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive!” We need to irritate people around us all the time to feel alive. What’s the pointContinue reading “The Dummy’s Guide To Pissing People Off!”

On This Fine Monday Morning…

… I’m sure most of us don’t want to be here. We’d much rather be lounging in our warm and cozy beds, curled up with a good novel with a cup of hot steaming tea/coffee on the small table next to the bed. Better than that would be to be asleep, dreaming of Coyote Ugly.Continue reading “On This Fine Monday Morning…”

Towards A Greater Kiss…

Disclaimer: I am being forced to write this post by public demand. Mercurians, Venutians, Martians and Earthlings have all got together and voted me as the “Best Kisser In The Solar System,” after 49 grueling hours of tongue-wrestling contests, elections, re-takes and encores. To my surprise, everyone there referred to me as The Love Guru,Continue reading “Towards A Greater Kiss…”