What’s Gotten Me So Excited?

For the past three days, I’ve been running around town butt-nakedĀ  screaming “Eureka” on top of my voice. I’ve been jumping up and down screaming nonsense and thumping everyone I meet on their backs. I’ve been gazing up at the stars and smiling broadly to myself, oblivious to the stares and sniggers and calls ofContinue reading “What’s Gotten Me So Excited?”

Riddle Me Silly!

Long weekends have a tendency to make sure that we are well and truly bored. Thankfully, I’ve had my share of traveling this month, and am back home. Phew, I’m so tired! There were three riddles I came across while doing some mindless browsing. In case you have nothing better to do on a longContinue reading “Riddle Me Silly!”

Money Pal :)

How does it feel to be at the very edge of the country, staring into miles and miles of nothingness, feeling the great landmass of the continent behind you falling away beneath your feet, the ignominy hidden under the chaotic blue-brown waters lapping gently at your feet… You reach out to touch the crystal clearContinue reading “Money Pal :)”

Really? You Sure?

“Man, your posts are boring nowadays…” “They have lost the quality…” “Who are you and what have you done with Nikhil?” “Makes me wonder why I’m reading it after 2 lines…” “Your blog has become so boring, dude!” “You have lost that touch…” “Why aren’t you writing like how you did before?” “You are notContinue reading “Really? You Sure?”

The Voyeur Next Door!

In a nutshell, the 40-year-old woman next door saw me naked this morning. It all happened so fast that it took a good two hours for it to sink in. I had my bath, wrapped a towel round my waist and came into my room, switched on the fan, stood under it and whipped theContinue reading “The Voyeur Next Door!”