2011: Acknowledgements & Year In Review

It’s been a long-drawn battle with time, and I finally won. A crappy year ends and a hopeful, new one begins. There were so many instances in 2011 when I thought that things couldn’t get worse, and each time I was proven wrong. I have laughed, cried, fought, patched up, been cheated, cheated myself, beenContinue reading “2011: Acknowledgements & Year In Review”

The Great Banana Run! :)

ba~nan~a /bəˈnænə/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [buh-nan-uh] –noun 1. a tropical plant of the genus Musa, certain species of which are cultivated for their nutritious fruit. 2. the fruit, esp. that of M. paradisiaca, with yellow or reddish rind. One of the more fascinating aspects of being cooped up in a room that stinks worse thanContinue reading “The Great Banana Run! :)”


I got my old phone back!! Yippeeeeeee!! Ok, I got carried away. I apologize. When I went to New York a year ago, I left my lovely sleek camera-less Moto flip phone with my younger brother for safekeeping. Of course, I should have known better. He disposed of my SIM card and got a newContinue reading “Moto!!!”