On This Fine Monday Morning…

… I’m sure most of us don’t want to be here. We’d much rather be lounging in our warm and cozy beds, curled up with a good novel with a cup of hot steaming tea/coffee on the small table next to the bed. Better than that would be to be asleep, dreaming of Coyote Ugly.Continue reading “On This Fine Monday Morning…”

The Great Banana Run! :)

ba~nan~a /bəˈnænə/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [buh-nan-uh] –noun 1. a tropical plant of the genus Musa, certain species of which are cultivated for their nutritious fruit. 2. the fruit, esp. that of M. paradisiaca, with yellow or reddish rind. One of the more fascinating aspects of being cooped up in a room that stinks worse thanContinue reading “The Great Banana Run! :)”

Encyclopedia Of The Eternally Lazy

People like me who are eternally lazy need a ready-to-use encyclopedia, something that is easy to use, easily indexed, heavily archived and doesn’t involve moving more muscles than required. Google Search beautifully fits into this category, so much that a whole meme is based on Google Images. Apar tagged me to do this a longContinue reading “Encyclopedia Of The Eternally Lazy”

A Very Little Italian In Me

Venue: Little Italy, Bangalore Time: 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Occasion: Colleague’s last day at work Menu: Unpronounceable watery soup with bits of mushroom floating around, unpronounceable pasta thingy, unpronounceable watery mashed potatoes, unpronounceable Italian version of cheese pakodas, Long Island Iced Tea Post Lunch: I burped pasta breath andContinue reading “A Very Little Italian In Me”

Umbrella Fella :)

It’s been raining cats and dogs in Bangalore for the past few weeks. Every day, like clockwork, the rain starts at around 5 in the evening and goes on till almost 10 in the night. This has forced me to avoid stepping out of the house/office, wherever I am, during this time period. Yesterday wasContinue reading “Umbrella Fella :)”