Twilight Dawn

Oppression filled the foggy twilit dawn, the recherch√© feminism of the morning light danced an undulating number with the mood of the solitary cyclist as he wound his way up the serpentine path to the crest of the craggy peak, bathed in the soft glow of the fiercely burning star billions of miles away, stillContinue reading “Twilight Dawn”

Things To Do Before I Die

No, this isn’t just any other bucket list. This one’s unique. There are quite a few bucket lists floating around in the blogosphere (By the way, is the word ‘blogosphere’ extinct?). I’ve seen and read them all, and most of them follow a predictable formula – go traveling somewhere, see some sights, taste some foods,Continue reading “Things To Do Before I Die”


“No one cares when a clown cries…” –Joan O’Brien (1972, The Day The clown Cried) The clown stood in front of the mirror, leaning one hand against the wall. It was late in the night and the tiny incandescent bulb above the mirror did its best to drive out the lengthening shadows. He looked atContinue reading “Sliver”